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Sigma Kappa Theta Eta Chapter History

The Theta Eta chapter of Sigma Kappa was established at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on May 3, 1987. Since then, Sigma Kappa has been actively involved in many different aspects of campus and community life. Sigma Kappa strives for excellence in everything we do, to taking part in both fraternity and sorority philanthropies, to helping out in the community through food drives, clothing drives, benefit walks, and more! Since our installation over 35 years ago, the sisterhood of Sigma Kappa at UNLV has grown tremendously and is one of the largest sororities on campus. We take pride in our sorority, our values, and our purpose, and it is our goal to continue to impact others by living life One Heart, One Way.

Sigma Kappa Theta Eta Founding Award Chapter 2016 & 2017

The Sigma Kappa Founders Award, established in 2011, is presented to the collegiate chapter who has not only achieved a three-star standards of excellence rating, but also has been recognized through other Sigma Kappa awards, and, in a fitting tribute to our five founders, has duly honored our Sigma Kappa ritual.

"The winner of the Founders Award accomplished many things in 2017. For UV events, the chapter hosted Sigma Stacks - a pancake dinner, Kapture the flag and Summer Kamp which included different games and activities. Members held a park clean up and gardened at a local assisted living home. The chapter held creative ritual workshops where members would divide into smaller groups and perform the songs with actions. During an Order of the Triangle workshop, members discussed how they could continue to live ritual after becoming an alumna. In addition to these items, the chapter celebrated their 30th anniversary celebrating with alumnae and members. Finally, the chapter also won outstanding Greek organization for 2017 on their campus."  

 -Sigma Kappa National Website


Sigma Kappa Theta Eta Award History


3/3 Star Chapter

Founders Award Chapter

UNLV Rebel Awards Outstanding Fraternal Organization 


3/3 Star Chapter 

Founders Award Chapter