Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Morgan Gilmour


Year: Junior Hometown: Boulder City, Nevada Major: Business Management "I joined Sigma Kappa because the women that I met inspired me to want to be the best version of myself. I wanted to follow in my Big’s footsteps, as President, because I want to inspire my sisters just as they have inspired me."

Lauren Vitt

Executive Vice President

Year: Junior Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada Major: Elementary Education "I joined Sigma Kappa because I saw women in the chapter that I wanted to become; strong, independent, and caring women that have the power to take on the world. During my two years in the chapter, I have learned so much about life and about myself. I never pictured myself to be in a sorority, let alone the EVP, but I can’t picture what my life would be like without it. I hope that during this term, I will be able to make a lasting impact on the chapter and on my sisters.”

Kendra Bujnovsky

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Year: Junior Hometown: Reno, Nevada Major: Kinesiology "Sigma Kappa made me feel welcome before I even considered going through sorority recruitment, and when I did, I met the most inspirational, easy going, genuine girls and I knew I had to be a part of it. I am honored to be Theta Eta's VPAR because I want to give back to the chapter that's given me so much in such a short time. A fun fact about me is that I love sports, especially soccer."

Noelle Ciprazo

Vice President of Communication

Year: Junior Hometown: San Francisco, California Major: Pre-Nursing "The reason why I went Sigma Kappa was to find my home away from home and to find a support system for myself. The reason why I chose this position was because of the ritual aspect of it and I think it is a good position to take as a stepping stone to being a better leader and to personally grow. Fun facts about me is that I love to travel, be a foodie and to watch make up tutorials."

Caitlin Briner

Vice President of Finance

Year: Junior Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Major: Finance "I chose Sigma Kappa because I felt instantly welcomed during recruitment and couldn't picture myself anywhere else. I chose my position because studying finance made me really interested in the position and getting to actually use what I've learned in class has been exciting."

Jakki Cannata

Vice President of Membership

Jordan Jaramillo

Vice President of New Member Education

Year: Junior Hometown: Las Vegas, NV Major: Pre-Nursing "I went SK because ever since the first day of recruitment I felt an instant connection with all of the sisters I talked to and I couldn’t wait to go back each day to meet more sisters. I chose my position because taking my leave of absence last semester made me realize how much I missed and love Sigma Kappa. It made me want to be more involved and what better way than teaching our new members about SK!"

Allison Garcia

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

Year: Sophomore Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada Major: Philosophy with a concentration in law and justice "I chose to go Sigma Kappa because when I went through recruitment, the girls of Sigma Kappa made me feel welcomed and I knew these were the people I wanted to spend the next few years of college with. I chose Vice President of Philanthropic Service because I love to volunteer and being able to share that passion with our chapter is a great honor. A fun fact about me is that I have an obsession with giraffes and have a pet hedgehog named Sadie."

Vianca Vita

Vice President of Programming

Year: Freshman Hometown: South Hampton, New York Major: Kinesiology "I joined Sigma Kappa because I wanted to find a home away from home. Ever since day one of recruitment all of the women from this chapter has been loving and welcoming. From then I knew I had to join Sigma Kappa. I choose my position because I would like to take more initiative in the chapter and from this position i feel like I would grow more as a person."

Allison Thomas

Vice President of Scholarship

Year: Freshman Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada Major: Secondary Education with an emphasis in math "I went Sigma Kappa because I identify with the values, especially personal growth. I also am a legacy to my stepmom. I chose my position because I value education and want to help others to achieve their goals, which is a huge reason why I want to be a teacher."

Vanessa Brady

Panhellenic Delegate/Sorority Relations Chair

Year: Freshman Hometown: San Jose, California Major: Journalism and Media Studies "Something that really bonded me to Sigma Kappa from the start was our value of personal growth. The whole reason I decided to move from San Jose to Las Vegas was so that I could grow as a person in a new environment. I love to challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone and I believe joining Sigma Kappa really helps me achieve that. My position as Panhellenic Delegate really stuck out to me because I really liked how one of my responsibilities is to improve my chapters relations with other sororities."

Jhonnelyn Hinrich

Activities Chairman

Year: Junior Hometown: Hilo, Hawaii Major: Psychology "I went Sigma Kappa because I wanted the full college experience that I couldn't get if I stayed home and to find friends of a lifetime. I feel as if activities chair can help me branch out to meet people from other chapters and I really enjoy playing intramurals."

Brie Lepore

Continuing Membership Chair

Year: Freshman Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada Major: Elementary Education "I’m a triple legacy that fell in love with all the philanthropies and the opportunity to have sisters all around the country! I decided to be CMC because I had such a wonderful experience during recruitment this past spring and wanted to recreate that experience for all our potential new sisters."

Raegan Nakama

Public Relations Chair

Year: Junior Hometown: Kaneohe, Hawaii Major: Elementary Education "I went Sigma Kappa because I felt welcomed by all of the sisters. Sigma Kappa has provided me with amazing friends that have made my collegiate career memorable. I chose my position because I wanted to be able to showcase all of the amazing things that our chapter does."

Stephanie Campbell

Sisterhood Chair

Year: Freshman Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada Major: Pre-Nursing "I went Sigma Kappa because I felt like it was really easy to talk to and bond with all of the girls, like I just felt super comfortable with them. I chose my position because I wanted to plan fun SNO’s that everyone will enjoy. A fun fact about me is that I did competitive gymnastics for 13 years."

Mary Maguddatu

Social Chair

Year: Sophomore Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada Major: Marketing "I went Sigma Kappa because I felt a sense of home after first meeting a lot of the girls in our chapter. I chose my position because I wanted to plan socials and events that would hopefully be fun and memorable for everyone."

Ariauna Cheney

Assistant Vice President of New Member Education

Year: Freshman Hometown: Oakley, Callifornia Major: Hospitality "I went Sigma Kappa because on day one of recruitment, I knew it was the sorority that I felt the most at home at. I felt connected to a group of girls that I didn't even know yet and I didn't even want to leave the room. I chose assistant VPNME because after going through the new member process, I wanted to do everything I could to make the new members after me feel as lucky and proud as I am to be in this chapter. Most importantly I want to be someone they can look up to and feel like they can come to if they have a problem."

Caroline Han

Assitant Vice President of Philanthropic Services

Year: Senior Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada Major: Biology/Anthropology "One of the main reasons I joined Sigma Kappa was to have a sense of belonging and sisterhood. I was looking for support and encouragement from a group of women, who have the same values as me and want to be held to a higher standard; to be able to grow with one another and help each other become the best versions of ourselves and to find everlasting friendships that will continue to grow throughout my life. It was also a great opportunity to get more involved within the community and make a difference in the world. I wanted to be a part of something great, and I definitely found that here in Sigma Kappa. I chose my position because I felt like this would be a great way to get connected with not only my chapter, but the rest of Greek life as well. It allows me to take charge of the external philanthropies, build leadership skills, and support other fraternities and sororities; all while having fun and helping to raise money for great causes. Fun facts about me is that I’m Korean (75%) and German (25%) and can speak 3 languages (English, Spanish, & Korean) and am learning my fourth (Italian)."

Alex Jones

Fraternity Relations Chair

Year: Sophomore Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada Major: Communications "I went Sigma Kappa because it was the only room I walked into during recruitment that felt different from the others. It had a sense of warmth and welcomeness even though there were no familiar faces to provide me with the added comfort during such a stressful yet exciting weekend. I chose my position because I love being involved with the IFC chapters on campus. I am a very social person and getting to meet the leaders and other social chairs of the fraternities is a great way to expand my networking skills and gain new friends."