Chapter Officers

Kailah Ching


“Sigma Kappa is so special to me. This is sisterhood has given me my best friends, roommate, bridesmaids, and a place to call home. I’m so thankful to serve as our chapter President for the 2021 school year. My sisters make me proud and excited to see what the year holds. They push me to be the best version of myself everyday. I am blessed to be a Sigma Kappa every single day! LISK.” - Kailah Ching, Fall 18’

Sophia Navarrete

Vice President of Standards and Values

Sigma Kappa has given me so much in the two years I have been in it. It has shown me love and purpose. It has given me amazing sisters and has brought me some of my best friends whom I love so much. It also has given me the tools to be able to grow into the strong woman I am today. I am so excited to be apart of the executive board and to see what this year brings us! LISK <3 - Sophia Navarrete, Fall 18’

Janerah Gonzales

Vice President of Programming

"I have gained genuine connections and made precious memories with people whom I am lucky and grateful to call my sisters."-Janerah Gonzales, PC 19'

Tèa Burnett

Vice President of New Member Education

“Sigma Kappa has brought so many wonderful women into my life and given my so many opportunities to grow as a person. I definitely wouldn’t be who I am or where I am today with Sigma Kappa and my sisters; it’s what makes me love Sigma Kappa so much!”

Steffi Sorrentino

Vice President of Membership

“I have gained my closest friends and personal growth throughout my experience and Sigma Kappa has challenged me to be my best self” - Steffi Sorrentino, Fall (PC 2019)

Hannah Carrillo

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

“Sigma Kappa has been my home away from home. This chapter has given me a place to grow with sisters who are always by my side. I’m so grateful for this chapter and I’m so excited for what’s to come!”

Katie Dimaya

Vice President of Academic Excellence

"I have gained leadership opportunities and improved my interpersonal skills during my time in Sigma Kappa."-Katie Dimaya, PC Fall 2020

Aashi Patel

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

"Sigma kappa has taught me to stay authentic as possible throughout majority of my life. Your authenticity, loyalty and honesty will help you maintain a strong bond with sisters. This chapter also help me come out of my bubble and be VPPS. This helped me gain leadership skills that I will forever be grateful."

Camryn Gaither

Vice President of Communication and Operations

"From my time in Sigma Kappa I have learned to value the bond of sisterhood. When I first joined I was very introverted and have now realized what it means to take on positions and lead the chapter while living our values."

Karina Angulo-Villalobos

Vice President of Finance

“In my time in Sigma Kappa I gained so many things. One of my favorite things I’ve gained is my self confidence, unconditional love, and acceptance for who I am. I love what Sigma Kappa and my sisters have done for me, and I hope in my time as VPF, and in Sigma Kappa (and beyond) I can return all the love and kindness I have received.”

Jenna Preszler

Panhellenic Delegate/Sorority Relations Chair

"I have gained so much in my short time in the chapter! I’ve learned how to use my voice for the benefit of all, how to navigate school and social life, and most importantly I’ve gained a confidence I never had before. Sigma Kappa has given me a place to grow in my strengths and supported me in my weaknesses."-Jenna Preszler, Fall ‘19

Kiana Azucenas

Continuing Membership Chairman

"I’ve gained some of my very best friends through Sigma Kappa! This chapter has given me such a strong sisterhood as well as involvement with our philanthropies & other SK events <3" ~Kiana Azucenas, Fall ‘18

Mia Blitsch

Assitant Vice President of Philanthropic Services

“Throughout my time in Sigma Kappa, I have gained an immense amount of self confidence through our value of personal growth. Sigma Kappa has taught me to have a voice and that my voice matters. I know that with the support of my sisters, I have the power to achieve anything if I put my mind to it. This chapter makes me feel so loved and has taught me to also love myself."-Mia Blitsch, Spring 20

Cassidy Smaka

Public Relations Chairman

"Sigma Kappa has given me so much in just the short time I have been a member. I have gained lifelong friendships, leadership opportunities, and personal growth."-Cassidy Smaka, Fall 2020

Kasia Nakagawa

Assistant Vice President of New Memeber Education

“I love how Sigma Kappa has helped me to grow into a more confident, open minded, and capable woman. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the love and kindness brought into my life by my sisters.”

Gabby Kallenberger

Sisterhood Chairman

"During my time in Sigma Kappa I have gained leadership skills, confidence and the most amazing sisters that I know will be there for me for my whole life."-Gabby Kallenberger, Spring 2020

Lauren Cooper

Social Chairman

"Being in Sigma Kappa for just one semester has made me a better person all around and given me the most amazing friendships!"

Ailish Rincon

Activities Chairman

“Sigma Kappa has provided me an environment filled with encouraging and supportive women. I have grown within our values and connected with other sisters through shared experiences!” - Ailish Rincon, Fall 20

Kylie Bauer

Ritual Chairman

“What I have gained in my time in SK is the lifelong friendships with sisters and the ability to become my best self with the best support system -Kylie Bauer, Fall 19”

Luz Peterson

External Council Delegate

"During my time in Sigma Kappa I have gained countless things, to list a few: friendships, sisterhood, opportunities, love, and most importantly support. When you go Greek you’re frequently asked, “What do you hope to gain from Greek life?”. Some answers include friendships, a home away from home, or job opportunities, and you’ll get all those things. But the things you never thought to mention are the ones that will change you. I joined Sigma Kappa wanting true, loyal friendship and now I’m a Sigma Kappa with more blessings than I can count. I wish I could say what my time in Sigma Kappa has given me, but I can’t because every day as a dove I gain something new. Every day I gain more admiration for One Heart One Way, and that is the greatest gift of all." -Luz S. Peterson, Fall ‘18

Malaya Santos

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access Chairwoman

“From my time in Sigma Kappa, I have gained lifelong friendships, opportunities for service, and experiences that have contributed to my personal growth.” -Malaya Isabella Santos, Fall 2020