The mystic bond of Sigma Kappa truly manifests itself in the friendships our sisters share; whether you want to grab a bite to eat, go shopping, form a study group, work out, or cram for an exam, you can bet you have a whole chapter of girls waiting to do it with you. Although none of the UNLV sororities have housing, sisters often choose to live together off and around campus. From sisterhood sleepovers, to midnight movie premiers, a best friend to laugh with is always just a phone call away!

SNO's or Sister Nights Out, are sisterhood events we do throughout the year to bond with our sisters and have fun. These are a few of the recent SNO's we have had...
Sisterhood Sleepovers
Frozen Yogurt Dates 
Game Nights
Summer Movie Nights
Watching Disney's "Frozen" in theaters
Sigma Kappa Paint Wars
Big Sis/Lil Sis Reveal
Sisterhood Retreat
...And so much more!

In Spring 2014, Sigma Kappa kicked off their spring semester with a SNO where they explored the true meaning of sisterhood by watching Disney's "Frozen" together at Town Square's AMC theaters. Our sisterhood chair, Becky Newcomb, has done an excellent job by hosting a sisterhood sleepover filled with team-building activities, games and heart-felt activities that brought the sisters of Sigma Kappa closer. She also put on a "messy twister" event at Sunset Park that turned into an all out paint war. Aside from our SNO's and sleepovers, our new member class of spring 2014 enjoyed a week filled with gifts and surprises as they anticipated getting their big sister! We can't wait for the many more sisterhood activities that we will participate in this year.