Why Join Sigma Kappa

Sisterhood Lasts a Lifetime

Though many of us associate the benefits of sorority membership with the college years, Sigma Kappa is a lifelong influence on its members. Besides offering support, encouragement, and an atmosphere that promotes success and well-being, Sigma Kappa creates opportunities for women to become part of a worldwide sisterhood of successful, caring women. Because growth and friendship are important to women throughout their lives, the Sigma Kappa experience doesn't end with graduation. Our bond continues to bring us together over the years, to share experiences, serve others, and have fun! With Sigma Kappa, college is the beginning of a sisterhood that lasts a lifetime.


When going through recruitment, you may ask yourself, "why join Sigma Kappa?". Are you looking for a group of women who will be your support system throughout the rest of your collegiate and alumnae days? Are you looking for a diverse group of women that you can learn and grow from each and every day? Are you looking for those women that will be there for you and have your back no matter what, through thick and thin? If you answered yes to any of these questions, that is why you should join Sigma Kappa. The sisterhood of Sigma Kappa is an unbreakable mystic bond that has been around since 1874 and continues to live throughout the hearts of both active and alumnae members around the world. The heart of a Sigma Kappa is one of pure joy, devotion, love, and commitment. The sisterhood and opportunities you will find here are unlike any other. Not only will Sigma Kappa make your college experience the best it can possibly be, it will make YOU the best you can possibly be. Join us in Formal Recruitment and find out why you should live One Heart, One Way. <3


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