Parent FAQ

What is a sorority?

A sorority is a group of women that come together and and are held together by their goals, experiences, sisterhood, and values. 

What is the process of recruitment and what will my child experience during this?

At the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus, chapters hold a Primary recruitment which is held in the fall semester, and an informal recruitment which is held in the spring semester.

Primary recruitment consists of 4 days, 3 recruiting days and bid day. The first day of recruitment is very casual and this is the day the student will speak to each chapter on campus. This is really where the students just casually interact with the members of the chapters and learn about each other and who they are. The second day will consist of a narrowed down list of chapters the student gets called back to. This day is a bit more formal than the first; dress attire. This day they will learn about more about the chapter; philanthropy, values, and more. The final day of recruitment is a very formal day. This day the student will visit only two chapters they have gotten called back to. Here they will learn about the ritual of the chapter and connect with members on a more intimate level. Lastly, bid day. This day the student will receive a bid from one of the two chapters. This is the most exciting day for the student. After receiving their bid, all the girls get to run down to all their future sisters. 

During informal recruitment the student is not required to visit every chapter, but is rather given the freedom to choose which chapters they will speak to. They will be invited to social events with the chapter to get to know the girls. During informal recruitment, members are allowed to reach out to the students and invite them to other events to allow them to get to know each other and bring the student into the chapter. The chapter then will issue a bid to the student. During each recruitment, the student will find their "home". Meaning, they find a chapter and group of women they connect with and have the same values as.

How will my child benefit from joining a sorority?

By joining a sorority your student will be introduced to a new set of values. Your student will become more involved in campus life, community service, academics, and life-long friendships. Through joining, your student will also expand their business network. We hold many alumni events which helps builds relationships in not only greek life, but the career world as well. Also, within the sorority there are a variety of leadership positions in which one can hold. Most positions do not require prior positions and will teach your student leadership skills and lots of time management skills. All in all, being in a sorority encourages and helps your student become a more well-rounded woman. 

Will joining a sorority affect my student's academics?

Typically sororities hold a study hour minimum and tutoring programs. Here at UNLV, we require students to have a minimum GPA in order to become a member. With that, depending on the members GPA they are required to complete a certain amount of study hours that are counted for in the campus library. If one falls below the minimum GPA, they will not be dropped from the chapter immediately. In fact, they will lose their privileges to go to social activities in order to encourage them to focus more on their academics. During the semester, those with good grades and GPA's receive awards during a few events to continue encouraging themselves and other sisters to strive to do better.

What are the social aspects of their membership?

Throughout the members experience in greek life they will become a part of many social activities. These do not just limit social activities between the members of the chapter your student has joined. They will part take private socials with other chapters across campus, homecoming week, and philanthropy events. Also on campus, greek week and involvement fairs are also held. These allow the members to see other clubs they could join, and allows them to interact with other chapters. 

How will becoming a member benefit my child after college?

After college the member will have developed experiences, memories and life long friendships. Members will gain their alumni status and some also offer alumni chapters. Greek life also does have national networks that can be helpful for alumni in finding jobs. 

How much time commitment is required when being a member?

There are various events that are required as being a member, like chapter meetings. Chapter meetings are usually held once a week on Sunday afternoons, unless there is a holiday. Otherwise they are held in the evening during the week. Every month the member is required to complete a certain number of points. Each event that occurs during the month holds a number of points; more important and beneficial events hold higher point value. The member can pick and chose the events that they go to in order to meet their points. In the end, there is not much time commitment. Being in a sorority, you decide how you will make your experience. The more events and the more you put yourself out there, the better experience you may have. It is what you make of it. We encourage members to go to as many events as they can to really get the experience, but academics comes first. 

What is the chapter's policy on hazing?

We hold a no hazing policy. Hazing is not tolerated at all on UNLV campus. If a chapter is violating this policy and found responsible, they may be subjected to discipline. If your student believes they are being haze, they need to report their concerns. 

What is my role as a parent?

- Be supportive of your student. Sorority life is not always for everyone and may end up not being the right choice for your student, or it may be the best choice. They need support during recruitment and through their new member process. The student will be given a lot of information during recruitment and may be overwhelmed. Be sure to talk with them about what they are learning and who they are meeting. 

- Be supportive, but do not push your student into a decision you think is best. Your student will decide where they believe they fit in best and where they believe they can grow the most. 

- Be supportive!

- Be sure the student knows the financial obligations. This way no "surprises" come up after they become a member. During recruitment, this student will learn about the financial obligations. 

- Encourage them to participate in events and to take advantage of the many resources greek life has to offer. 

- Be involved! We hold parents day's and we highly encourage parents to come out and have some fun with their student and the chapter.